Thursday 24 NOV — 16 DEC 2022


Artist Pairing

In this special site-specific installation between visual artist Maria Braune and multidisciplinary collaborators Hannelore Braisch and 11v151131_m06, the three artists dissolve, blossom and resemble each others works through HOLON’s physical and digital portal.

Flowing forms, tentacles outstretched, Braune’s physical sculpture crawls into the interfaces of Braisch and 11v151131_m06’s virtual worlds where it develops, modifies and reappears optically on the other side. Like the transition from air to water, the artists compensate for what each cannot replace in both spheres, blurring the barriers between what is tangible in both.

Maria Braune

Visual Artist

Maria Braune (1988, DE) is a visual artist originally hailing from Berlin, who has lived and worked between Munich and Chiemsee since 2008. She completed an apprenticeship in sculpture at the Berchtesgaden School of Sculpture between 2008-2011, studied Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and received her diploma in 2017. She organizes the collective artist-run space LANGEVIN in Munich, has received nominations for various prizes and participated in numerous group exhibitions in Germany and internationally.

Over the course of a few years, she’s developed Migma: a substance composed of eight raw materials which is heated, poured, shaped and dried over multiple weeks. During this time, she adds further industrially manufactured materials to activate ruptures and changes which proliferate and claim their space. Her works provide insights into growth processes, especially those which are uncontrollable, and ask questions on transformation, symbiosis, and decay.

Text by Anabel Roque Rodríguez
Image copyright © Maria Braune

Maria Braune's work is kindly supported by NEUSTART Kultur.

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Visual / Sound Artist

11v151131_m06(MX) is a visual and sound artist interested in speculative approaches to sound and visuals. Since 2012, his research has focused on Computer Generated Imagery and he has lived and worked with New Media Art and Technology Studios across Europe, America and Asia.

11v151131_M06 studied composition at Pompeu Fabra University in 2008 and has collaborated with artists such as Pauline Oliveros, John Zorn, Yoshida Tatsuya, William Winant. He is currently researching concepts around Ancient futurism & Occultism.

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Hannelore Braisch
(RO / DE)

Digital 3D Artist

Hannelore Braisch (RO/DE) is a digital 3D artist with a focus on CGI and motion design. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in communication design, she now produces 3D generated artworks for contemporary visual content and mostly in cooperation with clients across the fields of art, music and fashion.

Braisch’s digital artworks are organic shapes and structures inspired by summers visiting the Carpathian Mountains and her deep connection to nature. Her intuitive art practice challenges visual design norms through experimental encounters with reality and the metaverse. She often finds that something entirely new emerges when combining futuristic, surreal shapes with the organic, physical world. It’s what has shaped her personal aesthetic expression that is both alien and tactile.

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Photos by Micki Rosi Richter
Footage by Hannes Greve