1 SEP — 3 SEP 2023

A Fractal


HOLON is proud to support A Fractal Manifesto; an upcoming visual-sonic spatial installation and performance by Stina Baudin and Abigail Toll for the series Rehearsing Moves on Hazy Paths at ZK/U in Berlin.

In this visual sonic spatial installation, Canadian-Haitian visual artist Stina Baudin and British, Berlin-based experimental sound artist and composer Abigail Toll, pull apart the logic of a dataset. During a residency at HOLON in August 2023, the artists will develop a motion based interactive sensor using TouchDesigner for this installation.

Through a process spanning almost a year, the artists collect data (what they call truth values) from their own daily experiences and co-create across the six hour time difference between Germany and Canada. Together, they distort hierarchies of knowledge and center nuanced conversations surrounding their histories of migration that are ordinarily left absent from datasets. Layering together six woven panels combined with six music movements that encapsulate six themes, the topics are generated through their research and illustrated with digitized and distorted layered images and sound, as well as a co-creative manifesto. The fragmented sound and illegible visual documentation calls into question not only the absence and distortions that the artists found in previous datasets, but highlights how lived experience and memories – our truth values – undergo a process of fragmentation and distortion over time.

ZK/U Berlin
Siemensstr. 27,
10551 Berlin

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A Fractal Manifesto. Photos by Shirin Barthel © Rehearsing Moves on Hazy Paths

Artist Interview

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Abigail Toll

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Stina Baudin