21 JAN — 03 FEB 2023



On the occasion of Vorspiel 2023 CTM/Transmediale, HOLON presented LOOM by ATELIER-E; an installation in which phosphorescent threads store information as light and transform a loom into a never-ending weaving machine of algorithmic patterns and sounds.

Originally commissioned for the TextilWerk Bocholt, the work was recontextualized for the HOLON space, using the 8-channel sound system and light installation.

LOOM pays homage to the punch card system invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard, which stored and replaced human craftsmanship and labor into a machine readable data format one of the first signs of data driven aesthetics and authorship. The technology's disruptive consequences have become the technological leitmotif of our accelerated world. The underlying principle of pattern generation, encoding and decoding, by means of binary punch cards, manifests itself to this day in the digital age. Our relationship to industry and its machinery are continuously renegotiated, so as the LOOM enters new contexts through time, a new matrix of meanings are inscribed upon it.


Artistic Programming: Abigail Toll
Production & Artist Liaison: Albane Mullabazi
Visual Design: Nahyun Park
Technical team: Tim Stolzenburg, David Leroy, Felipe Arango
Photography: Micki Rosi Richter
Film footage: Hannes Greve
Special thanks to LaserAnimations Sollinger for kindly supporting the exhibition.

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LOOM, Photos by Micki Rosi Richter © HOLON; Videos by Hannes Greve

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