22 FEB 2024

Record Release

HOLON Presents MUTUALISMX Record Release, by Hexorcismos on Other People.

For the last seven years, sound artist, technologist, and electronic musician Moisés Horta Valenzuela (aka Hexorcismos) has studied artificial intelligence and generative art. Born in Tijuana and currently based in Berlin, Hexorcismos has long attempted to break down the permeable borders between musical styles and expressions, using the spaces in between to reinforce his politics and worldview.

On ‘MUTUALISMX – becoming sonic network’, Hexorcismos expands his vision with a tool he built called SEMILLA.AI. It is based on neural audio synthesis that not only mimics his sonic fingerprint, but transforms it into another. For this record, he invited ten international artists to collaborate on music that questions the biases inherent in AI models, offering a collective alternative that could serve as a blueprint for further research.


The majority of AI art at this stage works with “big data”, taking ideas from the cultural canon and muddying them with our contemporary reality. If we accept that mass culture is always politically biased, always swaying towards historical prejudices, then there must be a counter-narrative. Hexorcismos began to develop a bottom-up approach, using “small data” to interrogate his idiosyncratic approach to art. So when he offered the synth to his network of collaborators, he gave them the option of either using only their data or sharing the signatures of each other artist involved in the project, blurring their identities into a mutual voice. The result is a compilation that unspools with the coherence and fluidity of a single-artist album or adventurous DJ mix, genreless and boundless but unified by a singular message. It features artists: Daniela Huerta, Debashis Sinha, Jessika Khazrik, Khyam Allami, Kloxii Li, KMRU, MAF, Portrait XO, Simina Oprescu, Ale Hop, El Irreal 21, and Visions of Lizard.


The event comprises of a listening session and conversation between some of the featured artists including MAF and Simina Oprescu. It is mediated by artist-scholar Tiara Roxanne whose work is dedicated to rethinking the ethics of AI through an anti-colonial and cyberfeminist lens. The album's accompanying visual worlds developed by Hypereikon will also contribute to the listening experience.

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Photos by Miguel Buenrostro

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